104.9 The Hits Air Personalities


Bryan Reeder Big Hits Morning Show  6am-10am
bryan2016b-125x150  I was seduced by an older woman at the tender age of 12 (Judy was 13)!  We celebrate our 29th year of marriage this year!  We have four marvelous children: Matthew, Joella, Amanda and Andrew.  My radio romp began in 1994 in Lufkin and moved through Dallas, Texas Hill Country and now happy to be back in East Texas and Huntsville!  I love Texas History, Football, BBQ, long walks on a Texas beach…sometimes all at once!
Glenn Edwards Mid-Days 10am – 2pm
 Glenn Edwards I am a Lone Star State transplant – although my father was a native Texan, born in Lamesa south of Lubbock – for me, I was born in that far, far West Texas County called Los Angeles, California. I am just a Radio Guy – always have been and always will be. I have three loves of my life – one is radio, one is music, and the third is the most important – my greatest love, my wonderful Houston native bride Iloe. When I’m not playing Huntsville’s Good Times and Great Classics, I can be found at home listening to my vast music library and playing with my digital editor, but during the NFL season (I am a BIG NFL fan) you can find me in front of whatever game is on TV. Other likes include a rich cup of Columbian coffee with just a splash of cream.
 Chuck Reeves Afternoons 2pm-6pm
 Chuck Reeves on 101.7 KSAM / 104.9 The Hits What can we say about Reeves on the Radio?  Chuck, Chuck, Chuck. Chuck is like the wind, blowing to and fro.  His essence is leather-bound and trimmed with chrome.  Give him a microphone, a Harley, a catheter and plenty of gas money and he will make the road his studio and discover the secrets of the universe…to be continued.
Kim Theodorsen Evenings 6pm – Midnight
 kim1 Kim is a native Texan and music Junkee since birth, and she says that she has luckily called Huntsville home since 1985.And like so many others with this same addiction before her, her trip into being a DJ began…under a rhinestone saddle…as a Roller DJ with Silver Wings Ballroom in 1986.Having more fun than should be legal, that love for music has allowed Kim to run crazy through the hall(s) during the 90’s on All Hits FM 102, Thunder 101.7 and currently (uh oh….she’s back!) part-time 101.7 KSAM. After much begging, groveling and baby kissing, Kim luckily was given a chance to Groove to the Greatest music from the 60’s/70’s/80’s on 104.9 The Hits each weeknight 6 to Midnight.  Kim goes on to say that she continues to be Thankful that the key works in the lock each day she pops in to party with the Greatest Music and the Greatest Listeners EVER!  In my physical (not mental) “Off” time, she hangs in the playground of TDCJ during the daylight hours and continue to party and sing weekends through a local mobile DJ/Karaoke biz named Variety Sounds J Kim’s greatest gift is being mom to 4 Gentlemen and wife to my her better half Pete.  When not jamming – Kim is usually cruising…..planning the next cruise…. or dreaming of the next cruise after that cruise….cruise….cruise….yes….another addiction!  And, she closes her thoughts by saying that she’s glad to be sharing the party with you each weeknight!
Larry Crippen News Director
larryc-100x150 My job is to tell your story. But first, since this is a bio, let me say some things about me. I was probably destined to be in radio. As a kid of fifteen in Dallas, I could often be found talking with other ham radio operators around the world.  Money from playing drums in rock bands as a kid often paid for my equipment. I’m still an active ham today. My education and training–broadcasting school, BA in Radio-TV & Film, MA in Literature, and graduation from an electronic school–has provided a good foundation. However, the hands-on on-the-air experience of twenty-something years in radio has taught me the most. My wife of 44 years and fellow Christian, Kathy, has been along for the adventure. My job now is to tell your story, and you’ll hear it daily in your own voice on the news.