301 Million Trees Killed by Drought in Texas

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301 Million Trees Killed by Drought in Texas

Published on September 27, 2012 by Larry Crippen

A Texas A&M Forest Service survey of hundreds of forested plots scattered across the state shows 301 million trees were killed as a result of the devastating 2011 drought.

The number was determined by a study of both on-the-ground tree health assessments collected during a three-month period earlier this year and satellite imagery from before and after the drought.

The findings fall right in the middle of original estimates gathered last fall that indicated roughly 100 million to 500 million trees had died as a result of the drought.

According to Texas A&M Forest Service’s Burl Carraway, “The drought produced traumatic results, especially for individual landowners. But the good news is the forest is resilient. When a dead tree falls over, a young, new tree eventually will grow back in its place.”

Local Staff Forester Jordan Herrin reports that, “Texas A&M Forest Service conducted a survey over a 3-month period and we discovered in our area, a 9-county survey group, 18.8 million trees died or about 6.5% of all the trees alive before the drought.

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