Carrie Underwood, Co-Writers Cheer "Good Girl"

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Carrie Underwood, Co-Writers Cheer "Good Girl"

Published on August 29, 2012 by CMT News

Chris DeStefano (left), Carrie Underwood and Ashley Gorley

Carrie Underwood remembers the day she wrote “Good
a little bit differently than her co-writers Ashley Gorley and Chris DeStefano.

Prior to a No. 1 party on
Tuesday afternoon (Aug. 28) at the CMA offices, the two men reminisced about having a writing appointment already scheduled
when they were asked if they’d consider bringing in Underwood that day.

However, an upbeat Underwood told the crowd,
“I totally crashed their writing session.”

Dressed in a bright orange shirt and really short shorts, Underwood noted,
“They were getting together for the day to write in L.A., and I just happened to be there with the day off. Never happens.
So it was go shopping or go and write with these two — and I think I made the right decision.”

After chuckles from
the crowd, she continued, “We had such a wonderful time writing this song. It came out so fast, and it was so fun. Chris can
play anything … so pretty much by the end of the day, I walked out with a demo in my hand. Next thing you know, yes, it’s
going on the album. Yes, it’s going to be our first single. And what a great start to this album. So I’m very appreciative
of these two guys.”

Underwood’s speech came at the end of the party, after nearly an hour of commentary and stories
from various publishers and organizations praising the productive trio.

At the podium, Underwood added, “Just listening
to everybody’s stories about how we all got into this business and how we became writers and my story about how I tried out
for American Idol and everything. … It’s so wonderful and funny and interesting and great how God takes us where
we need to go and how we end up doing what we end up doing. We are all blessed for sure.”

Underwood went on to specifically
thank her producer, publisher, management team and label.

“I’m just so appreciative of everybody in this room and the
chance that we get to make music. This does not go unappreciated,” she said. “This is really special when a song gets to No.
1, and I know it’s great to hear all the stats and everything, but it really is special when it goes beyond that. For somebody
to be able to make four albums — and I never thought I’d be doing this at all — it’s just really amazing. Thanks to everybody
in this room because you guys are here for a reason. You support us and love us.”

After graciously thanking her co-writers,
as well as their families and associates, Underwood closed her speech by cheerfully remarking, “Hopefully we can do this again

photos from the No. 1 party.

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