Jo Dee Messina Spending Summer Touring & Blogging

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Jo Dee Messina Spending Summer Touring & Blogging

Published on August 10, 2012 by Eric 'WizKid' Odom

Jo Dee Messina photo courtesy of MSO Public Relations.

Jo Dee Messina’s summer has been full of travel, big audiences and praise from critics. She’s also working on new music which she plans to release as soon as possible. “The enthusiasm is so contagious,” she said. “Once we hit the stage, it’s high energy. I am truly grateful to all the folks who have attended shows. They’ve made this an incredible summer.”

While traveling across the country with her band, husband Chris, who doubles as her sound engineer, and their two young sons is enough to keep her busy, Jo Dee is also writing for several publications. She’s a regular contributor to the ‘Babble Voices’ blogs on and keeps up with her ‘Backstage With Fumbling Mom’ blog on her own website.

Jo Dee often writes about being a working mother and life on the road in her posts. Recently, she shared some of her pet peeves when traveling, specifically people who carry all of their luggage onto the plane.

“So listen up, all you bin hogs out there,” she wrote. “Know this: it is YOU that makes security move at a snail’s pace. You are the ones that make boarding a plane take forever while you search for space and try to force your gargantuan bag into a that tiny little overhead bin. And then you slow down the process of getting off the plane by trying to move against traffic to get your bag that is in a further back compartment, because the space by you was already filled beyond capacity. Be considerate of other flyers and downsize a bit on your carry-on luggage.”

She also shares the less glamorous side of parenting, including a not so funny story about her youngest son Jonah and a ‘flight from hell’ during which the six month old decided he wanted no parts of flying quietly. “Well, I’m famous … Not in the way I would want to be,” she wrote. “For being a songwriter, musician, award winning singer. NOPE! I’m famous for having “THAT KID ON A PLANE.”

Jo Dee’s touring schedule is booked through the fall. For dates and more information, visit


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