Martina McBride, Wine Connoisseur

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Martina McBride, Wine Connoisseur

Published on May 25, 2012 by Eric 'WizKid' Odom

Martina McBride photo by Randee St. Nicholas, courtesy of Republic Nashville.

Martina McBride isn’t just a power vocalist, she’s also a wine connoisseur. The superstar recently sat down with Wine Enthusiast Magazine to talk about her favorite wines and entertaining in her home. She also confessed her first time drinking wine.

“My very first wine experience was drinking Tickle Pink by Boone’s Farm while riding around the Kansas dirt roads with friends listening to Def Leppard or Journey,” Martina said. “Luckily, my wine tastes have evolved since then! Still, if I was offered a night of riding around listening to ’80s rock and drinking Tickle Pink now, I would not turn it down!”

When Martina isn’t onstage entertaining her fans, she can often be found hosting a gathering at her home in Nashville. “Entertaining at home is something I wish people would do more often,” she said. “It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or intimidating. It’s best to start small and then take on more complicated parties and ideas, the more experience you get. The most important thing is to make people feel comfortable and at ease.”

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Martina also shared a few of her tips for setting the atmosphere when she’s having people over. “I always try and have lots of candles, low light and fresh flowers,” she said. “I like small nosegays with one type of flower, like cream-colored or deep red roses. There are all kinds of ways to entertain—everything from a small, casual supper to a formal dinner party to a fun cocktail party.”

If you’re coming to a dinner party at the McBrides, you can expect the wine to be flowing. “I like to have Champagne on hand,” she said. “I usually serve Veuve Clicquot. Everyone recognizes it, and it’s available at a good price point. I serve both white and red wine. I try and have two types of each.”

Martina is currently on an intimate theater tour across the U.S., bringing her closer to her fans. Her latest single, “Marry Me” with Train’s Pat Monahan, is at radio now.


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