Meet the Leading Man from Eric Church’s “Creepin’” Video

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Meet the Leading Man from Eric Church’s “Creepin’” Video

Published on December 06, 2012 by Eric 'WizKid' Odom

Eric Church

Eric Church and his band in Eric’s new video, “Creepin.” Photo courtesy of Essential Broadcast Media. Jared Sullivan photo courtesy of Advantage Talent Agency.

Eric Church’s latest video, “Creepin,’” has its share of scary moments. Jared Sullivan, the actor who plays the leading man, is usually involved in the more intense scenes. Originally from Durant, Okla., Jared moved to Nashville last year with plans to continue doing merchandising for brands. He ended up taking acting classes which led to small acting roles which ultimately led to the lead in Eric’s video.

“I’m in this relationship I can’t get out of and the train is a metaphor for this relationship, and I can’t escape and I’m running through the train,” Jared said of his “Creepin’” character. “I’m walking, and I’m coming across these people that symbolize the failing aspects of my relationship.”

Directed by Peter Zavadil, filming “Creepin’” wasn’t glamorous. “They had us in Chattanooga, on a steam train, and this train didn’t have air conditioning,” Jared said. “It was 100-plus degrees, and I was sweating my tail off. They had people coming up after every take with little paper towels dabbing me off, trying to keep me dry, trying to keep me looking good for the shoot.”

Watch the “Creepin’” video below:


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