Taylor Swift’s Red Makes Emotions a Priority

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Taylor Swift’s Red Makes Emotions a Priority

Published on October 30, 2012 by Eric 'WizKid' Odom

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s 2012 CD, Red. Photo courtesy of Big Machine Records.

Taylor Swift’s highly-anticipated Red album is officially in stores and as part of the promotion surrounding the album’s relief, Taylor is on the cover of the current issue of Billboard. She discussed the making of Red and how important emotions were to the finished product. Read our review of Red

“On this particular record I tried to operate from an emotional place,” she told the magazine. “I made the emotion of the song a priority rather than asking, ‘What should we do from a production standpoint, or what works in this genre?’ Instead, it was, ‘What did that emotion feel like when I wrote the song?’ And whatever the answer was determined what the track sounded like and what my vocals were supposed to sound like.”

When Taylor visited GAC to talk about the album, she also revealed 5 things she learned while making Red. Watch the clip below to find out what those 5 things are:

Red is a collection of 16 songs that range from country to pop, dance and even dubstep. The eclectic mix of tunes was done on purpose to serve as a snapshot of where Taylor is in her own life.

“I’m 22,” she said. “I’m all over the place, so my record is all over the place. Part of this record is acknowledging [that] all these emotions are very loud and very different from one another. At one end of the spectrum you have ‘Sad Beautiful Tragic,’ which is a breakup song in the form of a funeral march, and you also have ‘Never Ever Getting Back Together’ again, which is a breakup song in the form of a parade.”

While deciding the album’s track listing, Taylor had a beginning and an end. She wanted to start the album with “State of Grace” and end it with “Begin Again.” Both songs are about a “significant and kind of damaging” relationship.

“I never like to put two happy songs in a row or two of the same kind of sadness in a row,” Taylor said. “It’s just about establishing a flow and playing it over and over again so it sounds like that’s the order of things. It’s a gut-feeling thing.”

Now that the album is out, Taylor has turned her attention to her next tour. Her international Speak Now Tour, which played more than a hundred shows on five continents, took nine months to plan. Taylor’s plan so far is to go bigger.

“I would love for there to be elements of theater on the ‘Red’ tour, and I would also like it to be even bigger and wilder than we thought before,” she said. “I don’t know how, but we have to come up with ideas that will surprise people, ideas that will make people feel like it was worth spending an evening with us. I’m already thinking about different ways to do that.”


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