Tim McGraw’s Key To Success

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Tim McGraw’s Key To Success

Published on December 06, 2012 by Eric 'WizKid' Odom

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw photo courtesy of The GreenRoom.

Tim McGraw has seen success in both film and music all the while juggling a home life that includes wife Faith Hill and their three daughters. What is his key to success? Focusing on one thing at a time, regardless of whether it’s playing a sold out show or driving the carpool.

“No matter what my project is for that day, whether I’m going to a movie, or going to the studio, or going to write a song, or taking the kids to school or going to coach something, is to try to do the best I can at it,” he said. “I can’t think about what the end results are gonna be of it. I gotta think about what I’m gonna do when I go in there that day to do it.”

As much as he’d like to hit a home run with every project he undertakes, he’s realistic with his expectations. “You can go into the Hall of Fame batting 300,” he said. “So if I’m successful most of the days, then the end result is gonna be success.”

The next ‘thing’ Tim has to focus on is his new Soul2Soul show with Faith Hill. The pair will make their Vegas debut at The Venetian in Las Vegas on Friday, December 7 with 10 performances scheduled through April 2013. Tim will release his new album, Two Lanes of Freedom, on February 5, 2013.


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