Watch the Premiere of GAC’s New “Farm Kings” Series TONIGHT

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Watch the Premiere of GAC’s New “Farm Kings” Series TONIGHT

Published on September 27, 2012 by Eric 'WizKid' Odom

Farm Kings
Farm Kings

Nine brothers share one goal in GAC’s new series, Farm Kings, premiering Thursday, September 27, at 9 p.m. Eastern. “We’re determined not to be a dying breed,” Joe King says of their farming lifestyle. Joe, along with his eight brothers, a sister and mother star in the show that aims to make farming cool again.

The King family runs Freedom Farms near Pittsburgh as well as three retail operations where they sell more than 35 varieties of produce. The family grew up farming and when their parents divorced a few years ago — driving a wedge between the King sons and their father — the three oldest brothers bought a competing farm nearby.

The King family’s story is full of emotion and drama in a business that has Mother Nature as the ultimate boss. They’re up before the sun and go to bed well after it goes down. Each family member has a job to do. Even the younger brothers have chores before heading to school. An illness or equipment failure could mean disaster.

In the premiere episode, the focus is on the partnership between Joe, Tim and Pete King, owners of Freedom Farms — and Dan, the next brother in line who desperately wants to be a partner with his brothers. Dan believes he’s ready to take on the role but his brothers see a lack of commitment and focus. While they have Dan’s best interest in mind, that may not be enough to keep away hurt feelings and frustration.

While the King family may not agree on everything, they do agree it’s vitally important for everyone to know where their food is coming from. Visit our special Farm Kings section for photos and video sneak peeks to get to know the Kings before the premiere! You can also download our free mobile app to have your picture taken with your favorite Farm King!

Planning to tweet along when the show premieres tonight? Be sure to use hashtag #FarmKings!


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