Oral Histories of Military Veterans Online

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Oral Histories of Military Veterans Online

Published on June 07, 2012 by Larry Crippen

In coordination with the HEARTS Veterans Museum and it’s director Richie Harris, SHSU Newton Gresham Library digital resource coordinator Tyler Manolovitz has put together a digitized oral history collection of military veterans talking about their experiences.

Manolovitz filled us in on some of their efforts . . . .

Manolovitz added that, “we used internal funding for that portion of the project, but to make the videos particularly useful in an online environment we needed to be searchable. And, in order to do that we needed a transcription.”

He said, “There were about 63 hours of oral histories.”  He felt working on this would be “very time intensive,” and they didn’t have the manpower. So, he applied for a grant and was awarded the funds to have the transcripts accomplished. The material is now available free to the public online at digitial.library.shsu.edu.

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