OFFSTAGE: Miranda Lambert’s First Rescue Dog Retires From the Road

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OFFSTAGE: Miranda Lambert’s First Rescue Dog Retires From the Road

Published on February 18, 2013 by CMT News

Miranda Lambert
(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that’s happening with country music artists behind the scenes and
out of the spotlight.)

Road life isn’t for everyone. Even Miranda
‘s dog Delilah knows that. She used to tour with Lambert, but now the West Highland white terrier mix stays back
home. “Delilah was my first rescue dog, and she went everywhere, but she’s kind of retired from the road at this point,” Lambert
told me. “She’s just over it. So she stays with my grandmother.” But Lambert’s not alone on the road these days. She usually
brings her little dogs Cher and Delta with her when she’s touring because, as she explain, “They’re little bitty dogs, so
it’s easy to maneuver them.” Lambert didn’t bring them to Chicagoland with her on Thursday (Feb. 14), though, because it was
too nice out in Oklahoma. “I didn’t bring any this time because it was just so pretty at home that I thought they would enjoy
it at home more.”

Lambert says her rescue dogs — and most rescue dogs she knows and loves — have a different air
about them. They’re thankful, she thinks. And that’s part of the reason she’s so involved with the Pedigree¬†Feeding Project.
“Our dogs probably run our life a little more than they should, truth be known,” she laughed. “But with rescues, you make
up for lost time. And ours have the best life now.”

The Pedigree initiative gives the shelters they’re working with
100 percent of their dog food needs, which Lambert knows will free up money for other things. “The shelter can save up to
$100,000 a year by not having to buy food,” she explained. “So that’s $100,000 they can use in a million other places, like
renovations or adoption drives or spay neuter programs.” And even more, Lambert hopes the project will draw attention to shelters.
“People think shelters are scary places, but they’re not like old-school dog pounds anymore,” she told me. “They’re really
nice places to go find a great pet.”

To nominate a shelter in your neighborhood for the Feeding Project, visit Pedigree’s
Facebook page before the end of February.

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