Law Enforcement Roundtable Held Thursday

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Law Enforcement Roundtable Held Thursday

Published on May 03, 2013 by Larry Crippen

8th District Congressman Kevin Brady held a roundtable for law enforcement officers from Walker and nearby counties at the Huntsville-Walker County Chamber of Commerce Thursday afternoon to get their input on local and other legal issues affecting them . . . .


Congressman Brady asked the room full of law enforcement officials if anyone there was in support of gun control.

Several comments followed on gun control issues such as we don’t need gun control laws but stiffer prosecution of offenders. It was also offered that those who commit crimes with guns are not going to buy weapons at a gun store.

It was expressed that smaller law enforcement entities need more funding, more boots on the ground, and that they don’t have the manpower they need.

Dealing with people with mental problems was another area of discussion. Several felt the real issue is the mental condition of the person handling a weapon–not the weapon itself. Smaller departments do not have the manpower to handle all of the people with mental issues. One officer said they spend a minimum of 10 hours on a mental situation. It was also expressed that it was difficult to get people with mental issues into psychiatric facilities, and if they didn’t have enough insurance they wouldn’t hold them very long. Local departments needed more people who could provide counseling for mental issue situations.

Most seem to also agree that we don’t have control of our Texas border. Law enforcement needs more help with illegals that have gotten passed the guarded border zone.

There are still problems with drugs flowing up to our area from Houston. Radio interoperability between county law enforcement entities was also an issue. In regard to school safety, one officer said money funded to schools should also have earmarks for law enforcement.

Ammunition is also more difficult to come by for local departments. It costs more, and officers often have to wait in line for it with civilians.

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