Precinct #304 Polling Places Discussed

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Precinct #304 Polling Places Discussed

Published on June 25, 2013 by Larry Crippen

At this week’s Commissioners’ Court regular session, Commissioners looked at the issue of moving the Precinct #304 polling place from the Riverside Fire Department to the First United Methodist Church in Riverside.

Precinct #304 Election Judge Paula White had discussed some of the issues with the fire department polling place at the last commissioners’ session, and the moving of the polling place to the church was suggested.

Following the last commissioners’ session, Election Director Diana McRae visited the Riverside First United Methodist Church to take photos and evaluate its compliance with various federal polling place guidelines.

Precinct #3 Commissioner Bobby Warren, whose precinct covers Riverside, was, of course, familiar with the location and discussed an issue in regard to it . . . .


Election Director McRae made a suggestion to Commissioners regarding using the church during the next election as a polling place . . . .


McRae said the fire station facility can remain as a backup depending on the outcome. Commissioners will be taking the decision on moving the #304 polling place into consideration. Ms. McRae said the polling place would need to be approved in the next month to six weeks.

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