KSAM- Ticket Window

When you here the KSAM Ticket Window open up, that’s your chance to win! There’s plenty to be won, whether it be concert tickets, local sporting events, or even tickets to amusement parks. Simply listen to 101.7 KSAM on your radio or online, and when you hear the ticket window open up, be the correct caller to win!

KSAM- Great Beginnings

Every weekday morning at around 6:40, Kooter will play the first few seconds of a great country song and if you can guess the song, you win two medium combo meals from, Sonic Drive In’s (two locations in Huntsville)!


KSAM- 5-in-10

Kooter picks a category, you call in, and in 10 seconds name 5 things that fit that category. If you get can do it, you win two medium combo meals from, Sonic Drive In’s (two locations in Huntsville)!

KSAM- The State You’re In

Each weekday morning, Kooter gives you a chance to win a $10 gift card to Margaritas Mexican Restaurant. He’ll give you clues about a state, you give him a call, tell him the correct state, and you win!

104.9 THE HITS- The Big Hits Morning Show Contests at 7:20am

Bryan Reeder will introduce several new contests over the next couple of months, giving you a chance to start your workday with a chance to win!  Later this summer, Bryan will bring out the Big Hits Contest Wheel with all the new contests on it.  After the Birthday & Anniversary Celebration, Bryan will spin the wheel to determine the contest of the day. We will play the game at 7:35am. There are several different contests:  MOVIE BUFF, SEVEN SECOND SONG, PASSWORD, REDUNDANCY, BEARKAT BLITZ, ! See Details for each game HERE.

104.9 THE HITS- Connect The Hits at 9:10am

Bryan will play two songs, back-to-back, and you have to guess the common element in the two songs!

For example: Bryan plays Dave Loggins “Please Come to Boston” and Boston’s “More Than A Feeling”. The common element is “BOSTON”.  Another example: Olivia Newton-John’s “Hopelessly Devoted To You” and Richie Valens “La Bamba”.  The common element is both songs were in the movie Grease.


General Contest Rules