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  • Real Talk with CJ for Friday

    SHSU Criminal Justice Coordinator Beth Kuhles informs us that there is another Real Talk with C/J on the SHSU campus this week, and it’s today . . . . RELTLKFRI3-20-14

  • Gang Presentation with Officer Vent at SHSU

    Just a year after graduating from Sam Houston State University and joining the Houston Police Department, officer Eric Vento was assigned to the city’s gang task force, working in “hot spot” policing by moving around…

  • “Real Talk with CJ” Features DEA Special Agent

    SHSU’s College of Criminal Justice’s “Real Talk with CJ” will present DEA Special Agent Rodney Lott today at 3 in the Hazel B. Kerper Courtroom. Criminal Justice Public Relations Officer Beth Kuhles tells us “He’ll…