Country Stars Celebrate Their Dads

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Country Stars Celebrate Their Dads

Published on June 15, 2012 by Eric 'WizKid' Odom

The Band Perry photo courtesy of Republic Nashville.

As Father’s Day approaches, country stars are taking the time out to thank their fathers for their love and support throughout the year. The Band Perry is grateful to their dad, Steve Perry (no not that Steve Perry, a different one!) for being there since the very beginning of their careers and for all that he still does for them as they live out their dreams.

“Dad, he started out as booking agent,” Reid Perry said. “So he’s actually moved on now to making sure we are where we need to be because we just don’t even look at the calendar.” Kimberly Perry explained that even though they have a manager, they still need his expertise. “He looks at our personal travel logistics and makes sure that everything is working well,” she said.

While their dad might be making sure the Perrys are all at the right place at the same time, they are thankful for both parents. “We owe it all to our parents,” the band said. “Since day one they supported us emotionally and spiritually and financially and in every other way.”

“I’ve always been thankful on Father’s Day that I have such a great father,” says Big Kenny of Big Rich. “Now I also find myself thankful that I am one. …and Happy 82nd year to my Pop, hope the rain comes right after we get the hay up!”

Now that Justin Moore is a father himself, he has a newfound respect for his own parents. He readily admits his young girls, Ella and Kennedy, have him wrapped around their fingers. “It definitely makes me appreciate my parents even more than I did,” he said. “I’ve never taken them for granted but it’s eye opening, to say the least, to know how they’ve always felt about me and all that they’ve done for me.”

Newcomer Thomas Rhett is the son of Rhett Akins, but don’t expect him to turn to his dad for help. He’s accomplished as a songwriter and has his own single, “Something to Do With My Hands,” in the Top 25. “I’m a big believer in not riding my dad’s coattails,” he said.

He’s not dismissing his father’s help entirely, though. He admits the people he has met through his father have influenced and helped him as a songwriter and performer. But when he’s in a writing session, he doesn’t toss out his father’s name.

“I write with my dad a bunch and he is a huge influence on my songwriting but no, when I write a song with people I’m usually never tempted to bring it to him because there’s a sense of wanting to do it by myself and make my own way in this business so that nobody can say that I rode my dad’s coattails into the music business.”

“For Mike and I, every day is like Father’s Day!” says Gloriana‘s Tom Gossin. “Our Dad lives with us in Nashville, so we get to hang every time we come home from our tour. He’s a mentor, a drinkin’ buddy, and our best friend. Incredibly grateful and blessed to have Steve Gossin Sr. in our lives!”

“I remember one time I went to Louisiana to surprise my dad for Father’s Day,” says Hunter Hayes. “I was working in Nashville and he was, at the time, still working in Louisiana so I drove back on Saturday and made him think I was at a convention in Nashville. It was pretty stealth, nobody knew about it. It was also the weekend I signed my record deal and he had been waiting for that and was so anxious to see it happen. So I took the contract home with me and surprised him Sunday morning, then showed him my signed contract. It is one of the coolest memories I have of Father’s Day.”


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