Boy Scout Josey Jamboree Needs Donated Items

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Boy Scout Josey Jamboree Needs Donated Items

Published on April 17, 2014 by Larry Crippen

Boy Scout Troop 114 is hosting the Josey Jamboree at the Josey Scout Lodge on April 25-27.  The Jamboree is for all cub, boy and girl scouts from the local community and surrounding areas. This is a great opportunity for the Scouts to earn their merit badges. Boy Scout Troop 114 needs some help from the local community to make this event a success for all Scouts.

They are looking for the donation of 10 Port a Potties; a couple cases of oranges, apples, and bananas; condiment packets of mustard, mayo, relish, ketchup, sugar, and coffee creame; 1000 bags of individual chips; about a 1000 bags of either cookies, peanuts, cheese crackers, peanut crackers, and trail mix; and roughly 1500 paper cups, paper plates, paper bowls, and service ware.  They Need 400 Packaged breakfast goods like honey buns, donuts, muffins, and breakfast pastries; 1,200 bottles of water; big jars of dill pickles; large cans of coffee; 600 hot dog and hamburger buns;  600 hot dog wieners; 10 pound bags of popcorn kernels; and small paper sacks for the popcorn.

All donations are needed by April 25. Anyone who makes a donation will have their name or business name posted in a prominent spot. What we don’t use and is unopened will be donated to the Good Shepard Mission.

Contact Crista Gabrunas at or 936-435-4113

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