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Why Advertise on Radio?

  • 2 out of 3 adults listen to radio during TV prime time
  • Radio reaches 75% of consumers every day
  • Radio reaches 95.1% of all adults every week
  • 61% of adults have radios at work
  • 95% of all automobiles have radio
  • 78% of adults are reached weekly by car radio alone
  • 98% of ALL households have radio
  • Each home averages 5.6 radios
  • The closer a media impression can get to the cash register, the better its chance of actually influencing the purchase. A major study found that, among the four primary media, the elapsed time between exposure and the day’s largest purchase is shortest with RADIO!

Media Kits

101.7 KSAM: Media Kit Adobe PDF Icon View Here

101.7 KSAM: Listener Profiles Adobe PDF Icon View Here

104.9 The Hits: Media Kit Adobe PDF Icon View Here

104.9 The Hits: Listener Profiles Adobe PDF Icon View Here
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